What Are the Requirements for Registering a Company in Kenya?

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A company is like a group of people who come together to start a business. They make a legal agreement to work together and make money. To start a company in Kenya, it needs to be registered with the Registrar of Companies. If a company is not registered, it can’t legally exist in Kenya.

How Company Registration Date Affects a Company

When a company is registered, the date it is registered becomes the start of its legal existence. This means that if the certificate of registration has an incorrect date, the actual date the company was registered will be used. A company becomes a “body corporate” after registration, which means that it becomes its own legal person with a name. A registered company has the same rights and responsibilities as a person.

How to Register a Company Online

To register a company in Kenya, you need to have an E-citizen account, which you can create on the government services website. If you’re not a Kenyan citizen, you’ll need to use your Foreigner Certificate number instead of your Kenyan alien number. At least one of the company’s directors must be a Kenyan citizen to access the eCitizen website and submit forms. The registration process can now be done online through the eCitizen website and payments can be made through mobile money or debit cards.

Business Name Search and Reservation

Before, you would apply for a name search and reservation first, then register the company later. But now, you can submit your top three preferred names and the full registration application all at once through the eCitizen website. If one of your names is accepted, it will be reserved and the registration process will be completed in a few days after paying for the services. If your proposed names are too similar to existing companies or have already been used, the Registrar will ask you to submit new names.

Requirements for Registering a Company in Kenya

After a successful name search and reservation, there are additional requirements to register a company in Kenya.

  1. The goals of the company, or what type of business activities it will be involved in.
  2. The full names of the directors and shareholders.
  3. The residential address of the directors.
  4. Contact information for the directors and shareholders, such as postal address, email, and phone number.
  5. A document showing the company’s rules and how it will be run. It’s important to remember that only a professional, called a “Certified Company Secretary” (CS), can fill and submit the registration forms on behalf of a company.

When registering a company, you can also get help from other professionals like Wambui Kabiru Consulting & Co. We can help you with the process of registering a company and also open a bank account for the company. We can also offer a nominee shareholder agreement, where they hold shares for the company at a reasonable fee.

In summary, to register a company in Kenya, you must go to the e-citizen portal, register an account and apply for a name search and reservation and if approved proceed to file the registration forms with the Registrar of Companies. You must provide all the necessary information, including the company’s goals, the names of the directors and shareholders, and a document outlining the company’s rules. Only a Certified Company Secretary (CS) can fill out the registration forms on behalf of the company. Wambui Kabiru Consulting & Co. can help with this process and can also offer other services such as opening a bank account and offering a nominee shareholder agreement. Remember, registering a company is important to give it a legal existence and make sure it can carry out its activities in Kenya. The process is now made easy with the E-citizen portal and can be done online. With our help at Wambui Kabiru Consulting & Co., the process can be made even smoother.

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